A Woman’s Work is Never Done…

by Sally Hughes – Assistant Librarian Manager, Local and Family History

A talk on the history of the voice and influence of women could go on for hours, but I promise you, mine doesn’t!


(Image copyright of Leeds Library and Information Service,  www.leodis.net)

The Local and Family History Department were asked by colleagues at Leeds Museums service if anyone would like to give a talk on women as part of their month-long programme of talks and events for International Women’s Month. I jumped at the chance, then immediately regretted it, knowing I would have to learn a lot after deciding that my talk should span the timeline of our collections…so only about 350 years or so….!

Don’t worry though, I’ve done it! And I’d like to think it’s fairly concise. I discuss the dawn of a genre of books for women in the 1700’s to improve their appearance, lifestyle and demeanour, to the radical Spare Rib magazine of the 1970s and 80s. I’ve also somehow managed to squeeze in a couple of hundred years in-between  All the books and magazines discussed in the talk are items we have in our collections at the Central Library and I’ve used this opportunity to get some of them out of the stacks that often don’t see the light of day, yet deserve to be shared and are wonderful resources and windows into the past.

accomplished woman2

All are welcome to my talk, Making Our Voices Heard: The Changing Influence and Image of Women told through Leeds Libraries Collections at Leeds City Museum, 28th April 1.30pm.

I’ll be bringing all sorts of treasures from our collections along with me, and would love to see you there.


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