“Winter Is Coming”: Game of Thrones and the Leeds Libraries’ Collections


Join us tomorrow for a chance to see, handle, explore and discuss specially-curated items from the Central Library Collections. These books will all relate to the real-life history, culture and mythology behind George R.R. Martin’s immersive fantasy world, as enjoyed by millions of readers and TV viewers.

This will be a rare opportunity to see some of the rarest and most interesting books in our collections, including a signed copy of Maurice Druon’s The Iron King (the “original Game of Thrones“, in Martin’s own words) and a manuscript copy of E.R. Eddison’s The Worm Ouroboros. Other books on display will range from a 17th-century look at fantastical creatures, through to 20th-century academic scholarship on medieval warfare; all will illuminate some aspect of the Game of Thrones world, helping you to appreciate the people, places and events of Westeros with added depth.

This is a drop-in event and there is no need to book. Everyone is welcome, but some of the Game of Thrones content may not be suitable for younger people. Please be advised that the exhibition will contain significant SPOILERS for both the written and the visual editions of the series…



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