Pop Up and Play – A family friendly summer with Local and Family History

Here in the Local and Family History Library, we’re not just about old books and finding your family tree there’s so much more to discover.

We’ve been out in the sunshine on Victoria Gardens this week with Pop Up and Play (Leeds Art Galley). We’ve been encouraging families to map our city centre history using a 1893 city centre map and choosing a character who needs to make their way across the city as it was in the past.


The children and families we met found creative ways of getting across the city to find recognisable landmarks including the Library, the Town Hall and the Grand Theatre. They also discovered long gone city centre residential streets, factories and breweries.


1893 map of Leeds city centre


Pop Up and Play, Victoria Gardens

If you need fun things to do during the Summer holidays not only is Pop up and Play on Victoria Gardens until 5th August but every Sunday during the school holidays is child friendly Sunday here at Central Library. You’ll find all sort of activities throughout the building including Local and Family History trails- you can pick up:

Victoria Gardens History Trail

Leeds Central Library Children’s Hunt

Briggate Trail

Circus Trail

Also why no try our Family Friendly Heritage starter pack to get you going on looking into your family tree. Best of all, all these activies and trails and FREE!

The trails will all be available in the Central Lending Library (ground floor) and the Local and Family History Library (second floor).

See what’s going on all throughout the Summer holidays at Central Library and across the city on Leeds Inspired

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