Leeds Savage Club Display

Leeds Savage Club Display

This week we look at Karen Downham’s excellent Leeds Savage Club Display currently on show in the Local and Family History Department.

A small display on the distinctive Leeds Savage Club, active from the late 1890s to the 1920s, and boasting some famous and influential names among the artists, writers and musicians making up its’ membership.

Leeds Local & Family History Library holds a collection of items including posters, invitations, rule book, minute books and address books, and these are displayed along with researched information on many of the members.

The Leeds Savage Club Display is on show from the 15th February to the 10th March in the Local and Family History Department in the Leeds Central Library.

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  1. Fay R Kesby says:

    Hi! Just a quick heads up; the Leeds Savage Club is still very much active! Find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and meet up.com

    1. Hi Fay,

      Thanks for this! Really useful to know, as we will get asked by a customer at some stage. Hopefully you enjoyed the article and thanks for getting in touch!

      Oh, one other thing: please think of us if the Savage Club produces any written promotional material – e.g. flyers, leaflets, etc. We are actively collecting such local ephemera – while we try to get out into the city and collect as much as we can ourselves, we can’t get to everything, so sometimes rely on people dropping things off with us. No worries if not, of course, but I thought it worth mentioning,

      Local and Family History
      Leeds Central Library

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