Local History Quiz #2: Historical Photographs of Leeds

This week we’re continuing with the new series: local history quizzes! Josh Flint has used the fantastic Leodis Photographic website to pose 20 questions about different areas of Leeds. A quick clue – remember to use the Leodis website to answer these questions (you can find the answers in a PDF at the bottom of the page) 

Note – Some of the photograph descriptions are purposefully vague.

Section 1: Leeds City Centre

  1. Here is the Leeds Central Library. Can you name the road that is in between the Leeds Central Library and the Town Hall?

    Leeds Central Library, 1999, Leodis
  2. Do you know the architect that designed the Leeds Corn Exchange? What other Leeds landmark did this architect design?

    The Corn Exchange, Leodis
  3. This photograph shows a section of a famous Leeds theatre. Can you name the theatre and find the entire photograph on Leodis?

    Section of a Theatre
  4. What is the full name of this historic Parish Church?
    Leeds Parish Church, 1841, Leodis

    Section 2: West Leeds

  5. Can you name this important and well known mill that has now become a large museum?

    West Leeds Mill
  6. This famous house sits in the middle of a large West Leeds park. Can you name this house and the park?

    House in a Large Park
  7. This is an aerial photograph of Pudsey. Do you know the date when Pudsey became part of Leeds?

    Pudsey Aerial View 1977 
  8. What is the name of this very famous Kirkstall House?
    Famous Kirkstall House

    Section 3: East Leeds

  9. Can you name this main road that goes through Cross Gates?

    Road through Crossgates
  10. The beautiful and historic Temple Newsam House is a main Leeds attraction. Do you know the Century when the House was built?

    Temple Newsam House
  11. Killingbeck Hospital was extended in 1904. This extension was created to tackle what illness?

    Killingbeck Hospital, 1914
  12. Here is Seacroft Library. Can you name the date that Seacroft Library opened?
    Seacroft Library

    Section 4: South Leeds

  13. This is the Carlsberg-Tetley Brewery. Do you know the year that the Brewery closed?

    Carlsberg Tetley Brewery
  14. Do you know where this famous South Leeds farm is?

    South Leeds Farm
  15. Here is Hunslet Rugby team lifting the Rugby League Championship in 1938. Do you know the full name of the Hunslet Rugby Club?

    Hunslet Rugby Team
  16. Can you name this Foreign Secretary walking through Elland Road in 1941?

    Elland Road Foreign Secretary

Section 5: North Leeds

17, This is a section of a photograph of a famous Hall near Otley. Can you name the Hall and find the rest of the photo on Leodis?

Section of North Leeds Hall

18. Do you know where this incredible landscape is located In North Leeds?

North Leeds Landscape

19. Can you name this famous Leeds Stadium? What sport is primarily played their?

North Leeds Stadium

20. This is Hyde Park Picture House, it is on the corner of two roads. Can you name them?

Hyde Park Picture House

That is our Local History quiz for this week. You can use this PDF to see the answers. Let us know how you got on by emailing us at localandfamilyhistory@leds.gov.uk

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