Local History Quiz #3 Treasures of the Local and Family History Library

This week Helen Skilbeck take you on a journey around some of the treasures of the Local and Family History Library in the form of a multiple choice quiz.

Q1. In 1894 the Duke and Duchess of York (later to become King George and Queen Mary) visited Leeds to open part of the Yorkshire College. A ceremonial arch was created on Commercial Street to celebrate the royal couple but what was it made from?

a) Stone
b) Wood
c) Bread

Q2. Olga Denver ran an amusement park and zoo in east Leeds in the 1970s and 80s but what was the name of her pet lioness?

a) Elsa
b) Lisa
c) Bart

Carl Denver with young lioness
Carl Denver, Olga’s son, with the young lioness. Copyright Yorkshire Post Newspapers.

Q3. What was unusual about the marriage of Elizabeth, daughter of William Gott, and Robert Mairne in February 1856?

a) The bride did not wear white
b) The bridegroom did not turn up
c) It was a double wedding

Q4. Which Beatles song featured the circus owner Pablo Fanque, who is buried in Leeds at St George’s Field?

a) ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’
b) ‘Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite’
c) ‘Magical Mystery Tour’

Q5. In 1864 Armley Gaol performed the only public execution outside of the prison walls. It was a double execution of convicted murderers James Sargisson and Joseph Myers but how many people did the Leeds Mercury newspaper say attended the event?

a) 10,000-20,000
b) 40,000-60,000
c) 80,000-100,000

Q6. This is Leeds Libraries tiny Book of Nouns, published in 1802. It is a mixture of nouns and images – can you name the bird in the image below?

a) Pigeon
b) Goldfinch
c) Thrush

Image of open pages in the Book of Nouns

Q7. Which of these was not the name of a racehorse in the One Hundred Sovereigns race on 8th June 1825 at Leeds’ Haigh Park race ground?

a) Astonishment
b) Alfred
c) Anchor

Q8. Queen Victoria opened Leeds Town Hall in September 1858 but according to the banquet caterer, how many lobsters were provided for the evening celebrations?

c) 50

Q9. What does this image show?

a) The ruins of a Bear Pit
b) The remains of Leeds Castle
c) The ruins of an outdoor theatre in Meanwood

Image of ruins.

Q10. The Hi-Fi club on Central Road has been known as various different names but which one of these is made up?

a) Liquid
b) Adam and Eve’s
c) Club 99

Q11. Superintendent Henry Baker was in charge of the Leeds fire chief in Leeds 1875-1899 but his obituary in 1911 said he ‘made people skip’. What was this a reference to?

a) People had to skip out of his way due to his furious driving
b) He made his fire staff use skipping ropes as a form of exercise.
c) He was a strict disciplinarian and people skipped to do his bidding immediately.

Q12. In Ralph Thoresby’s Ducatus Leodiensis, as well as writing the first history of Leeds, he also lists the contents of his museum. Fill in the missing word in his collection of ‘Quadrupedes’.

Ducatus Leodiensis page with one word removed.
a) Walrus
b) Elephant
c) Tiger (Sabre-toothed)

Q13. In the late 19th and early 20th century Leeds had its fair share of supporters of women’s suffrage, yet which one is politician Frederick Pethick-Lawrence describing here:

a roguish little maid who could flatten out an interrupter at one of her meetings, and yet leave him amused though perplexed.

a) Leonora Cohen
b) Mary Gawthorpe
c) Alice Cliff Scatcherd

Q14. Leeds Libraries have a scrapbook of ghostly newscuttings but can you spot which one of these is the false headline:

a) Flying sausages
b) Weird story of clutching hand
c) The mystic of Armley Hill

Q15. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show visited Cardigan Fields, Kirkstall in June of which year?

a) 1881
b) 1891
c) 1901

Extract from Buffalo Bill playbill

To see how much you know about our local history treasures take a look at the answers here.

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