Local History Quiz #4: Modern Leeds

This week’s local history quiz has been put together by Librarian Antony Ramm and focuses on people, places and events connected to Leeds during the last 50-years or so. In contrast to most of our other quizzes, you probably won’t find many clues elsewhere on this site – but you may well find some with a bit of judicious google searching 😃. In any case, the full-set of answers can be be found at the bottom of the questions…

  1. Name this drinking establishment on Briggate: opened in 1997 and is reputedly Britain’s first craft beer bar.

    a. Sela Bar
    b. North Bar
    c. Whiskey a Go Go

  2. In 1976 a group of political refugees painted a recently-rediscovered mural in the Leeds University Union building. Which country had they fled to Leeds from?

    a. Cambodia
    b. Vietnam
    c. Chile

  3. What was the name of the radical bookshop based at 162 Woodhouse Lane in the 1970s?
    25th June 1975. View looking down on Woodhouse taken from Leeds University Engineering Department. (c) Leeds Libraries, www.leodis.net

    a. The Square
    b. The Corner
    c. The Triangle

  4. In what year did the first Reclaim the Night march occur in Leeds?

    a. 1977
    b. 1981
    c. 1969

  5. In 1970 textile workers – many of them women – launched a major strike around the city centre, in protest at pay inequality. A Play for Today was later made, based on these events – what was it called?

    a. Made in Leeds
    b. Leeds – United!
    c. We Shall Overcome

  6. For much of the 20th-century, the Yorkshire Evening Post was the major source of Leeds news. But what was the name of the other Leeds paper – with an independent perspective on politics and society, plus a pioneering events listing page – from 1974 to 1991?

    a. Northern Star
    b. Leeds Other Paper
    c. Leeds Mercury

  7. What’s the name of the guitar shop on Call Lane, which has supported and served the Leeds music scene since 1989? (it also now hosts a bar)
    8 October 1999. View looking up Call Lane towards The Corn Exchange. Businesses right to left are Harrison Caterers, Music Shop, Lafferty’s Public House, Oporto, Restaurant. (c) Leeds Libraries, www.leodis.net

    a. Northern Guitars
    b. Great Guitars
    c. Awesome Guitars

  8. Name the 1981 pamphlet published by the Leeds Revolutionary Feminist Group (originally published in 1979)

    a. Love Your Enemy?
    b. Revolution Girl Style Now!
    c. Women Against Violence Against Women

  9. Which legendary American punk musician lived in Hyde Park for a very brief period during the 1980s?

    a. Kurt Cobain
    b. Tom Verlaine
    c. Henry Rollins

  10. What was the name of the University of Leeds Art History lecturer who taught members of the 1970s post-punk pioneers Gang of Four?

    a. T.J. Clark
    b. Greil Marcus
    c. Maurice Beresford

  11. And which influential “poet, publisher, actor, painter, sculptor, jazz trumpeter, anarchist and social commentator” taught Marc Almond at Leeds Polytechnic around the same time?

    a. Jeff Nuttall
    b. Clive James
    c. Ted Heath

  12. On which street could you find bands like Radiohead and Nirvana playing at the Duchess of York pub during the 1980s and 1990s?
    Undated. Image shows the Robin Hood Inn at 71 ?, possibly around the mid 1930s, The building seen here was built in 1930, replacing an older premises dating back to the 1800s. The inn became the Duchess of York in 1988, and was well known as a music venue until it closed in 2000. (c) Leeds Libraries, www.leodis.net

    a. Great George Street
    b. the Headrow
    c. Vicar Lane

  13. What do former Sky Sports News presenter Natalie Sawyer, Hallie Rubenhold (author of The Five), Jack Straw, Keir Starmer, Paul Dacre, Alexander Skarsgaard, Chris Pine and Wole Soyinka all have in common?

    a. They all support Leeds Rhinos
    b. They all spent time studying at one of the Universities in Leeds
    c. They are all honorary life-members of Leeds Libraries

  14. How many Leeds-born footballers have appeared in a European or Champions League final?
    Just him – or others? (Eric The Fish from UK / CC BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)

    a. Just one: James Milner
    b. Four: James Milner, David Batty, Paul Madeley and Erling Braut Håland
    c. Two: James Milner and Paul Madeley

Open this PDF for the answers…how many did you get right?

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