Local History Quiz #5: Yorkshire Battles

This week we’re continuing with the new series: local history quizzes! Josh Flint has posed 20 questions about Yorkshire Battles. A quick clue – remember to use the Yorkshire Battles Research Guide and Secret Library Heritage Blogs on Yorkshire Battles to answer these questions (you can find the answers in a PDF at the bottom of the page) 

Question 1

The Wars of the Roses was fought between two famous Noble Houses. Can you name them both?

England and Scotland

Lancaster and York

Lincoln and York

Lannister and Stark


The Battle of Towton by Graham Turner


Question 2

What treacherous weather condition was one of the deciding factors at the Battle of Towton, 1461?






Question 3

The Battle of Wakefield, 1460, saw the death of one of the most powerful Yorkist Nobles. Can you name this important Yorkist Noble?

Stephen, Duke of York

Richard, Duke of York

Edward, Duke of York

Henry, Duke of York

Sandal Castle and the Battle of Wakefield, Stanfield


Question 4

The Battle of Towton, 1461, was a decisive victory for the Yorkist’s, which King solidified his power with victory at Towton?

Edward III

Richard III

Henry VI

Edward IV


Question 5

The Battle of Whinmoor, 655, saw Oswlu, King of Bernicia claim victory over which Mercian King?






Question 6

1066 was a defining year in English history. Which of these battles was not fought in 1066?

The Battle of Fulford

The Battle of Stamford Bridge

The Battle of Bosworth

The Battle of Hastings

The Battle of Stamford Bridge, Hutchinson


Question 7

The Battle of Stamford Bridge, 1066, was fought between Harold Godwinson of England and Harald Haardrada, King of the Norwegian Vikings. Earl Tostig was a close relation to King Harold Godwinson but fought with the Norwegian Harald Haradrada. How was Tostig related to Harold Godwinson?






Question 8

The Battle of Standard, 1138, was fought during the Civil War known as The Anarchy. Can you name the two people who fought for the English crown during The Anarchy?

Edward and Henry

Stephen and Matilda

Harold and William

Edward and Mary


Question 9

The Battle of Myton was fought during the Scottish War of independence in 1319. The raiding Scottish force was faced by a quickly assembled Yorkshire militia. Who was the leader of this Yorkshire militia?

Archbishop of York, William Melton

Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket

Earl of Warwick, Richard Neville

Duke of York, Richard Plantagenet

Robert The Bruce, The Bruce An Epic Poem


Question 10

The Battle of Standard, 1138, saw the invading Scottish Army defeated by the English force. Despite the defeat the Scots gained control of what for the next twenty years?

King Stephen

The North of England

Treasure and gold

Empress Matilda


Question 11

Richard, Duke of York was spending what annual event at Sandal Castle before fighting and dying at the Battle of Wakefield in 1460?


New Year


Good Friday

The Battle of Wakefield, Wagstaffe


Question 12

The Battle of Leeds, 1643, during the English Civil War was fought on what date?

23rd January

27th January

3rd February

10th February


Question 13

The Battle of Leeds was a victory for the Parliamentarians over the Royalists. Can you name the leader of the of the Parliamentarian Army?

Lord Ferdinand Fairfax

Sir Thomas Fairfax

Oliver Cromwell

Charles i


Question 14

The Parliamentarian Siege of York in 1644 was lifted by which undefeated Royalist leader?

Prince Rupert

Charles i

William Cavendish, Earl of Newcastle

Sir Thomas Fairfax


Question 15

The Battle of Marston Moor, 1644, was one of the deciding factors in the English Civil War. Which side was victorious at the Battle of Marston Moor?





Battle of Marston Moor, P.A. Charrier


Question 16

The Royalists took control of Pontefract Castle three times during the English Civil War. What did Oliver Cromwell decide to do to stop this from happening again?

Killed all Royalist Leaders

Pulled down the Castle

Placed his best Parliamentarian commanders there

Left it to the Royalists


Question 17

The Parliamentarian victory in the English Civil War saw the death of which English King?

Charles i

Charles ii

James i

Richard III

Wing Collection; Trial of an English King


Question 18

The Battle of Flamborough Head, 1779, was fought during the American War of Independence and was a naval battle off the coast of which Yorkshire City?





The Battle of Flamborough Head, 1779, William Elliot


Question 19

Which two European Countries helped the American Navy at the Battle of Flamborough Head?

France/ Spain

Spain/ Portugal

Spain/ Italy

France/ Austria


Question 20

The Battle of Orgreave, 1984, was fought during which Strike?




Car Manufacturers


Bonus Question

Finally, what was the largest Yorkshire Battle?

Marston Moor

Stamford Bridge



The Battle of Selby, Cattermiole


That is our Local History quiz for this week. You can use this PDF to see the answers. Let us know how you got on by emailing us at localandfamilyhistory@leeds.gov.uk

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