Local History Quiz #6: People of Leeds

This week’s local history quiz focuses on famous (and not so famous) people connected to Leeds and its past over the last 400-years or so. As always, you can find most (but not all!) of the answers on the blog, with some searching. The full-set of answers can be be found at the bottom of the questions…

  • 1. Which Leeds merchant and antiquarian collector wrote the Ducatus Leodiensis (1715), the first written history of the town?

a. John Harrison
b. Ralph Thoresby
c. Richard Sykes

The Ducatus Leodiensis…but who wrote it?
  • 2. Which 19th-century entertainer, the first Black circus owner in England, is buried in Leeds?

a. Pablo Fanque
b. Mr. Kite
c. Joseph Grimaldi

Who am I?
  • 3. Staying with the circus – which Swiss-born, Leeds-based performer counted Marilyn Monroe among her celebrity friends?

a.  Mary Brewer
b. Olga Denver
c. Susannah Marlaw

  • 4. Who was the first Member of Parliament for Leeds?

a. Adam Baynes
b. Thomas Macaulay
c. Edward Baines Senior

  • 5. Which 19th-century Radical, Chartist, publisher and bookseller was reputedly the ‘Lady Ludd’ figure who led political protests on Briggate in 1812?

a. James Mann
b. Richard Carlile
c. Alice Mann

Two of the three candidates for Lady Ludd…
  • 6. Which Holbeck musician formed the Rhythm Girls, an all-female swing group, in 1939?

a. Ivy Benson
b. Ivy Branson
c. Ivy Bunsen

  • 7. Samuel Schofield was a familiar figure on the streets of Leeds toward the end of the 19th-century. What was he better known as?

a. Sam the Cigarette Man
b. Sam the Newsman
c. Sam the Tram-man

Sam as sketched by Phil May in 1901 – Cigarette, News or Tram man?
  • 8. More pseudonyms: which Leeds doctor published the 1946 novel By Their Deeds under the name of Alan Peters?

a. Isaac Hipshon
b. Alan Bennett
c. Ian Harker

The author’s best-known work…who really wrote it?
  • 9. Which two of the following three women were elected as the joint-first female Councillor in Leeds? (in 1921)

a. Maud Dightam and Gertrude Dennison
b. Maud Dightam and Bertha Quinn
c. Gertrude Dennison and Jessie Kitson

Maud Dightam…one of our answers?
  • 10. Which ‘Friend’ was employed as a tailor by Sir John Barran, for whom he revolutionised garment manufacturing?

a. Harry
b. Herman
c. Hector

  • 11. Who was known as the ‘Poppy Lady of Leeds’?

a. Annie Tunnington
b. Laurie Tunnington
c. Judith Tunnington

The Poppy Lady of Leeds, as seen in 1976. But what was her name?
  • 12. Which Leeds Suffragette famously smashed a showcase at the Jewel House of the Tower of London?

a. Mary Gawthorpe
b. Leonora Cohen
c. Alice Cliff Scatcherd

  • 13. Which Leeds man was minister for the Mill Hill Chapel in the late 18th-century?

a. Joseph Priestley
b. Walter Farquhar Hook
c. John Killingbeck

An early view of City Square with the spires of Mill Hill Chapel beyond on the right. City Square was designed to commemorate Leeds receiving city status in 1893 and the statues seen here were chosen to celebrate this. One statue, in fact, shows our Minister – but who was he? (c) Leeds Libraries, www.leodis.net
  • 14. The Central Library holds a small-but-significant collection of original materials relating to which Leeds artist?

a. Joseph Rhodes
b. John Atkinson Grimshaw
c. Jacob Kramer

  • 15. Name Leeds’ first Councillor of African-Caribbean heritage.

a. Cedric Clarke
b. Norma Hutchinson
c. There have been none to date

  • 16. Which legendary Leeds family owned and edited the Leeds Mercury through the 19th-century?

a. The Wrights
b. The Baines
c. The Dennisons

  • 17. Who was the first Chief Librarian in Leeds?

a. Thomas W. Hand
b. F.G.B. Hutchings
c. James Yates

The only-known image of James Yates available in our collections, from a volume of the Yorkshire Owl, 1894. Our first Chief Librarian?
  • 18. Which 18th-century intellectual and philanthropist granted a substantial gift toward the building of the Holy Trinity Church on Boar Lane?

a. Lady Elizabeth Hastings
b. Anna Sykes
c. Frances Mary Richardson Currer

  • 19. Which Leeds man was executed in 1587 for preaching the Catholic faith?

a. Anthony West
b. Edmund Sykes
c. Richard Lumby

  • 20. Which Leeds-born actor played Yara Greyjoy on HBO’s hit Game of Thrones series?

a. Kelli Hollis
b. Gaynor Faye
c. Gemma Whelan


Open the PDF for the answers…

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