Local History Quiz #8: Maps and Prospects of Leeds

This week’s local history quiz is on the Maps and Prospects of Leeds, set by Librarian Antony Ramm. As usual, most of the answers can be found somewhere on the Secret Library blog…

(c) Leeds Libraries
  1. What year is the very first (known) map of Leeds from? (above)

a. 1560
b. 1207
c. 1626

(c) Leeds Libraries

2. Which local boy and cartographer drew the first atlas of England & Wales in 1579? (the Central Library has a copy; the image above is a detail from the Yorkshire section)

a. John Dee
b. John Speed
c. Christopher Saxton

(c) Leeds Libraries

3. This is a detail (above) from a famous c.1726 map of Leeds. To whom is it attributed?

a. Sir Jason Cousins
b. John Cossins
c. Lord John Charltone of Ashington

(c) Leeds Libraries

4. In which seminal book of Leeds historiography was this 1684 Prospect by William Lodge first seen?

a. Thoresby’s Vicaria Leodiensis
b. Whitaker’s Loidis and Elmete
c. Thoresby’s Ducatus Leodiensis

(c) Leeds Libraries

5. This 1715 Prospect (above) appeared in the same book – but who authored it?

a. Francis Place
b. Samuel Buck
c. It was William Lodge again

(c) Leeds Libraries

6. This (above) is a detail from the famous 1745 Prospect by Samuel Buck – it shows Leeds from which direction?

a. North-West
b. South-West
c. South-East

(c) Leeds Libraries

7. Which early Leeds map is this (above) a detail from?

a. Thomas Jeffrey’s 1770 plan of Leeds town
b. Thomas Gent’s 1733 map of Leeds
c. Wright’s 1797 map showing 10 miles around Leeds

(c) Leeds Libraries

8. In what year was Netlam and Francis Giles’ map of Leeds published? (a detail can be seen above)

a. 1813
b. 1814
c. 1815

(c) Leeds Libraries

9. Which 19th-century newspaper editor and politician published the 1834 ‘Map of the Borough of Leeds’? (a detail can be seen above)

a. Edward Baines
b. Samuel Smiles
c. Christopher Kemplay

(c) Leeds Libraries

10. This (above) is Joseph Rhodes 1832 ‘ [x] Panorama of Leeds’. What should be in place of the ‘x’?

a. Northern
b. Western
c. South-Eastern

(c) Leeds Libraries

11. What does this 1838 map (above) by Billington show?

a. a proposed design for Leeds’ Zoological Garden
b. the boundaries of Leeds’ ancient Manorial Park
c. Roundhay Park

(c) Leeds Libraries

12. What do the blue dots in this detail of an 1842 map of Leeds show?

a. locations of cholera-sufferers
b. locations of smallpox sufferers
c. locations of typhoid sufferers

(c) Leeds Libraries

13. In which year was this first 6″ to 1 mile Ordnance Survey map of Leeds published?

a. 1844
b. 1848
c. 1852

(c) Leeds Libraries

14. This 1844 Prospect (above) shows Leeds from which Out-Township?

a. Hunslet
b. Holbeck
c. Armley

(c) Leeds Libraries

15. Finally, this extraordinary Prospect by Pettingell and Brownlow Thompson dates to which year?

a. 1886
b. 1893
c. 1872


How did you do? Click to see the answers! And check out our Maps of Leeds research guide, for more on the Central Library’s collection of local maps – contact us on 0113 37 86982 or via localandfamilyhistory@leeds.gov.uk for access options. 

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