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An archive of over 60,000 images of Leeds: visit the Leodis website to browse the full collection. This photographic archive brings together collections held by Leeds Libraries as well as collections from West Yorkshire Archive Service, the Thoresby Society, Leeds Civic Trust and Leeds Museums and Galleries.  In addition, many individual donations have been added to the website (please contact the Local and Family History department if you have photographs you wish to share with us).

Bell Street, Leylands, 1901
Bell Street, Leylands 1901

The website has recently relaunched (April 2021) – you can read more about that relaunch and the features available elsewhere on the blog.

The Leodis Collection is used for a wide range of purposes. One particularly interesting project was Leeds Libraries’ involvement with Historypin; click here to read more about people sharing their stories and memories of Leeds.

Finally, you can read an in-depth account of how the Leodis site came into being in a short history elsewhere on the blog.

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  1. brian amos says:

    leeds born & breed 1947 to 1965 then australia , can take the boy out of leeds but carnt take leeds out of the boy

  2. Thanks for getting in touch Brian! Glad you’re enjoying our blog and Leodis – do let us know if there’s anything we can help you with.

  3. Janet says:

    Hello just found Secret library Leeds by sheer chance via Secret Leeds site . ! Lots of interesting things to learn about .Already look at the Leodis site which I love looking at. So will be exploring Secret library Leeds now as well. Regards Janet

    1. antonyramm says:

      Hi Janet,

      Great to have you aboard – welcome to the Secret Library Leeds blog! Please get in touch with us via if you’ve got any questions about anything featured on the blog.

      Leeds Central Library

    2. Vernon wood says:

      Aerial Garforth/barwick/aberford

  4. Mike Pawson. says:

    I believe that the picture at the top is Algeria St. In Beeston Hill and the house on the left was once occupied by Mrs Lily Rawson, she was the sister of my paternal grandmother, this would have been in the early 1950’s (possibly earlier and later). The only room I went in was the cellar kitchen which was reached by a flight of stone steps in the passage at the left of the house, you can see the entrance on the ‘photo.

    1. Thanks for this Mike – really interesting. You can also add your memories below each photograph on the Leodis website itself – that way other interested viewers can see your comments along with those of other people with similar memories.

      Best wishes,
      Leeds Central Library

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