Leeds Describ’d in the 20th-century

Some interesting anecdotal descriptions of Leeds through the 20th-century, as found in books stocked in our Local and Family History department, a loose sequel to the original Leeds Describ’d. The image is (c) Terry Cryer and shows the Studio 20 jazz club on New Briggate in 1955.

Leeds was vibrant in 1957. Diverse industry, underpinned by the clothing trade, provided almost full employment. Burton’s, Jackson the Tailors and the Fifty Shilling Tailors were amongst the better-known. The espresso coffee bars were well established…[R]avi Shankar, George Melly and an outpost of Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club entertained…

Martin Smith – Sign of My Times: A Life with Deaf People (2018), p.20

On Saturday nights we all went to the 101 Rhythm Club, a dance hall at the back of Leeds market. In the late 1940s this was a favourite hangout for the black population. We idolized them. They wore the most incredible zoot suits and wonderful wide brimmed trilbies.

Terry Cryer – One in the Eye (1992), p.44