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Holocaust Memorial Day LCC

  • by Antony Ramm, Local and Family History, Leeds Central Library

Leeds City Council has organised a programme of events over the next week to mark Holocaust Memorial Day. The theme is “Don’t Stand By” and will “commemorate the millions who were murdered in the Holocaust, by Nazi persecution and in subsequent genocides, in order to challenge hatred and persecution in the UK today”. Click here to see the full brochure of events.

Many books have been written on the topic and we hold a number of these in our Information and Research department – particularly works concerning the Jewish Holocaust during World War II.

This is a subject of deep weight and significance; any words written here will seem facile next to the testimony of survivors and historians. For that reason, readers wishing to broaden their knowledge in this area are simply directed to this partial list of our holdings. Please ask in the aforementioned Information and Research library if you wish to borrow any one of these titles. Other volumes – including those related to more recent genocidal tragedies – can be found by searching the full library catalogue.

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