Unfinished Business: The Fight for Women’s Rights

Inspired by the British Library’s exhibition in London we have created a digital version featuring inspirational local women past and present, events that have shaped the experience of women in the city of Leeds and items from our special collections that connect to the wider history of women’s rights. Although much has been achieved there is still a lot of work still to do and the exhibition is brought up to the present day with spoken word performances created as part of a series of workshops with Studio 12.


Exhibition Guide
This guide provides more information about the items included in the exhibition and links to other relevant content. We are really pleased to be able to create this exhibition as part of the Living Knowledge Network of libraries across the UK.

Today’s debates on women’s rights are rooted in a long history of activism. Women and their allies worldwide have fought for gender equality with passion, imagination and tenacity.

Not all women enjoy the same rights, depending on their race, class, disability or sexuality. The fight for a better world is unfinished business.

The exhibition has been split into three different categories: Body, Mind and Voice.

Click a tile below to read more about our library collections relating to each subject area