The English Civil War in Yorkshire

  • by Josh Flint, Local and Family History, Leeds Central Library

Did you know that the some of the defining events of the English Civil War occurred in Yorkshire? The Local and Family History department has researched and created a new information leaflet chronicling the role of Yorkshire during the Civil War.

The leaflet details a selection of unique and valuable material that the Leeds Central Library can offer from its extensive collection. A selection of the Wing Collection of Civil War Tracts has been included within this leaflet. The Civil War Tracts are a collection of primary sources ranging from 1640 to 1700; these document the social, economic, religious, military and political events during the Civil War. These tracts, alongside the excellent secondary sources found within Local and Family History collections, will assist anyone who is interested in researching the role Yorkshire played during this turbulent period of British history. Click the image below to download the guide.

To accompany the leaflet, the Local and Family History team have designed an information folder focusing solely on the role of Leeds during the Civil War. This folder has collated a large number of references to Leeds during the period. These include detailed accounts of the 1643 battles of Leeds, Adwalton Moor and Seacroft Moor, while also including the social implications the Civil War had on the population of Leeds. The folder is of great use to any Leeds local history enthusiast fascinated by the Civil War.

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