Celebrating the Yorkshire Festival

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As part of the 2014 Yorkshire Festival we wanted to show you some of the Heritage Yorkshire stock we have here at Leeds Central Library.
‘Yorkshire Painted & Described’ by Gordon Home was acquired by the Leeds Public Libraries Reference Library on the 9th June 1956 with 71 illustrations accompanying Home’s description of his tour across the Yorkshire region. Written in 1908 oversees agents may have seen volumes reach as far as America, Canada, India and Australia.
It’s not just the illustrations that add visual impact to the volume but the cover itself. Bound in a faded sage canvas the title, author and publisher details are embossed in gold with an inlay showing the white rose of Yorkshire and its green foliage.

To the right is Radstock’s ‘Views in Yorkshire’ open to an illustration of Central Market Leeds, drawn by N. Whittock and originally engraved in steel by J. Shury. The image was published in London by J. T. Hinton No4. Warwick Square, December 15th 1828 and the whole book comprises various drawn images capturing scenes and places from Yorkshire.

Open to an image of Haworth Church is ‘The Spell of Yorkshire´ by J. Cumming Walters, illustrated from original drawings by Frank Greenwood. The green cloth bound book was published by Methuen & Co. Ltd. 36 Essex Street W.C. London and an inside page carries the hand written inscription “with love from Mary Morgan Xmas 1931”. The volume was presented to the City of Leeds public Libraries by Sir Alvary Gascoigne in memory of his father, Col. F.R.T. Gascoigne and is part of the Gascoigne Collection housed at Leeds Central Library.

Beneath this volume can be seen the intricate gold embossing of leaves on a red cloth background of “A Book About Yorkshire” by J. S. Fletcher. Also a member of the Gascoigne collection Fletcher’s book carries on the title page the quote “THE BEST SHIRE OF ENGLAND – Fuller”. With 16 colour illustrations by Wal Paget and Frank Southgate, R.B.A. and 16 other illustrations, the item was published in 1908 and donated to the library in 1970.

For those of you with a love of both Charles Dickens and Yorkshire we can recommend the small red cloth bound ‘With Dickens in Yorkshire’ by T. P. Cooper, a second edition – revised, 1924. The 145 pages explores the Yorkshire locations featured throughout Dickens works and includes an introduction by B. W. Matz, ‘Editor of “The Dickensian,” Author of “ The Inns and Taverns of Pickwick,” “Dickensian Inns and Taverns,” &c.’ This volume was published by Ben Johnson & Co., Ltd, Micklegate, York.

The final book of the row, bound in a dark green is “Highways & Byways in Yorkshire” by Arthur H. Norway with illustrations by Joseph Pennell and Hugh Thomson. The 1899 volume displays multiple illustrations and plates including one of a highwayman holding another rider at gun point on The Great North Road.

The above books are all part of the Information & Research Library on the second floor of Leeds Central Library. The Local & Family History Library on the second floor has a large selection of Yorkshire reference books.

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