It’s Grimm Up North

Grimm cover

Grimm - title page (2)With Children’s Book Week starting on June 30th what better time to showcase our 1909 Grimm’s Fairy Tales¸ translated by Mrs Edgar Lucas & Illustrated by Arthur Rackham.

Originally printed in 1900 by Messers. Archibald Constable & Co., Ltd this edition was printed in 1909 after illustrator Rackham spent 10 years reworking the 40 illustrations into colour.

Grimm’s Fairy Tales began life as recordings and reworking of oral folktales collected by brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in early 1800s Germany. Originally written for adults in 1819 the brothers reworked the stories for an audience of children by toning down the sexual and violent elements of the tales. An introduction was added urging parents to make sure the subject matter was suitable before sharing the stories with their children.

Hansel & Grethel
Hansel & Grethel
Moralistic undertones were also added to the tales and in some cases details and embellishments included that doubled the original length of a story.

Our addition carries the illustrations of London artist Arthur Rackham who originally illustrated the tales in black and white before reworking them into colour. Rackham’s illustrations beautifully bring the stories to life

Red Riding Hood
Red Riding Hood
Currently shelved in the stacks if you wish to view this item please visit the Information & Research Library, second floor, Leeds Central Library and ask at the counter. No appointment necessary.

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