Fake News is a new project, by Tim Knight, which uses Local and Family History’s newspaper archive to publish a fictional front page every month. Curated from cuttings of The Yorkshire Post and The Yorkshire Evening Post—Leeds’ oldest continuous newspaper—Fake News will explore the goings-on, mishaps and miscellany of Yorkshire through the ages.

Today’s edition, hot off the press: 13th April 1894. Remember to swing by Leeds Grand Theatre between 12 and 3 to marvel at Maxim’s new machine gun, and avoid any possibility of a court appearance by keeping all pints of beer upright. Be sure to keep back 4s incase you wish to buy yourself some prize pen eggs from Pontefract.

The 13th April 1894 edition of the Yorkshire Evening Post is part of the Local and Family History Department’s Newspaper Archive. Here is a list of the newspapers held in the Leeds Central Library 

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