New Armley Research Guide

This week Josh Flint will discuss the new Local and Family History Research Guide on Armley. This Research Guide will be of great use to anyone with an interest in the history of Armley and how that history is represented in the Leeds Central Library Collection. This article will examine interesting images highlighted in this new research guide. This is the first article in a new series which explores interesting and lesser known Armley items from the Leeds Central Library Collection. You can view this full Research Guide PDF by clicking here.

This Research Guide has been designed to be a starting point for anyone who has an interest in the history of Armley. This guide covers many different sections about Armley from Written Histories and Memories, Maps of Armley, Religion, Housing, Parks & Community Centres, Newspapers, Industry, Sport & Entertainment, Trade Directories & Census Records, Images of Armley and Schools in Armley. Today we will focus on how this guide can help anyone who are looking for interesting images and photographs of Armley. The variety of topics and sections have been chosen to show the wide range of items that the Leeds Central library Collections has on the Armley.

Armley Research Guide

The Images of Armley section of the Research Guide has a great list of paintings, photographs, postcards and illustrations of Armley. These images have been researched and chosen because they represent the wide range of images that the Leeds Central Library Collection has on Armley. We will now use this section to view these incredible images of Armley.

Armley Research Guide: Images of Armley

Pete Lapish Illustration

Leeds Libraries are grateful to have some Pete Lapish Illustrations on our Leodis Photographic website. Lapish is a self taught painter who creates incredible pieces of art about Yorkshire buildings and landscapes. Lapish’s Armley paintings are a great addition to this Research Guide and Leodis. You can see more Lapish paintings here.

Armley Mills Industrial Museum, painting by Pete Lapish

c1986. This painting by Pete Lapish shows part of Armley Mills, now Leeds Industrial Museum, seen from across the River Aire. Previously owned by Benjamin Gott then Bentley and Tempest, the mills had closed in 1969, and after being bought by Leeds City Council were opened as a museum in 1982. 

Armley Mills Industrial Museum, painting by Pete Lapish


c1986. Painting by Pete Lapish showing Armley Mills Industrial Museum from the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, with the railway viaduct seen behind. The view looks across Burley to Woodhouse in the distance, where the tower of the Parkinson Building of Leeds University can be seen on the horizon.

Leodis Photographs of Armley

The Research Guide also lists a number of photographs from our Leodis website which show some of the great buildings, parks and landscapes of Armley. These are just a small selection of the incredible historical photographs of Armley on Leodis.

Armley House

22nd June 1928. View of Armley House, built in 1781 for Thomas Woolrick, a Leeds merchant. It was bought by Benjamin Gott (owner of Bean Ing Mills) in 1803. It is now a golf course and clubhouse.

Aerial View of Armley

1963 The top area of this aerial view shows Gotts Park with Kirkstall Power Station on the right, now demolished. Stanningley Road provides a lower boundary to the park, running from left to right at a slight angle across the view. The tower blocks in the centre are between Armley Town Street and Theaker Lane. In the bottom right corner is the railway line and Armley Station.

Leodis Postcards of Armley

Our Leodis Photographic website has a great selection of postcards of landmarks. These postcards show the grandeur of  Armley landmarks and landscapes.

Armley Library, Drawing and Ground Plan

23rd March 1900 Armley Library, architect Percy Robinson’s design and drawing. The library opened to the public in 1902, it was the first purpose built library in Leeds. A lending department, reading room and separate ladies room were provided. Later, the basement area was a childrens library. The building has had a total refurbishment and houses various council services, including library service under the title of a One-Stop-Shop.

West Leeds High School

1907 Tinted postcard view of West Leeds High School, situated off Tong Road.

That is how you can use the new Armley Research Guide to find some exceptional images of Armley. This is the start of a new series which will look into items from the Leeds Central Library Collection about Armley’s history.

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